CADTALK is a suite of applications designed to integrate and automate data transfer between software applications commonly used by manufacturing engineers in all phases of a product design. CADTALK’s native artificial intelligence engine understands how data varies from application to application and understands how to add missing information required for other types of engineering applications and business processes. For example, CADATLK ERP transforms engineering bills of material (eBOM) data from popular CAD, PDM, and PLM applications adjusting the data and filling in missing information required in a manufacturer’s ERP system for a fully-functional manufacturing bill of material, routing, and item information. It works similarly to connect data between virtually any data source including 3D Printers, Legacy ERP databases, CQP product configuator software, nesting software, and other data sources. Explore CADTALK integrations by clicking the integration tool below.


  • Integrate CAD/PDM/PLM with ERP bills of material
  • Integrate CPQ Product Configurations with CAD (create CAD models)
  • Integrate ERP with CAD/PDM/PLM (see ERP data inside CAD)
  • Integrate Nesting Software with CAD and ERP
  • Integrate 3D Printers with CAD and ERP
  • Integrate virtually any engineering applications with other data sources