CADTALK was inspired by thousands of CAD drawings that had to be manually entered into ERP systems every time a new part was designed or an existing part was modified. Our founders knew there had to be a better way to keep bills of material and item in sync between CAD and ERP. But with so many variables across dozens of CAD systems and potentially hundreds of ERP applications – it was no easy task for sure. Perhaps that’s why CADTALK is the only engineering application in the world that leverages artificial intelligence to transform bill of material (and other) data from CAD into a format compatible with popular ERP systems reducing engineering to manufacturing hand-off by 80% with considerable cost savings and a very fast return on investment.

We first conceived CADTALK in 1998 and launched the first version in 2006. Today, CADTALK is the only application of its kind in the world. It is an invaluable resource for more than a thousand users across 5 continents. Our team of software engineers and former manufacturing engineers have extensive CAD, ERP, and manufacturing experience providing a unique team that truly understands the complexities of bills of material and data transformation between application platforms.

We are proud of how far we’ve come and are equally as excited about where we are headed by leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive even greater improvements throughout the engineering and design process.


June 19

Design Automation (DA)

CADTALK Design Automation (DA) integrates popular product configurators to produce 2D and 3D CAD outputs in popular CAD file formats facilitating bill of material, manufacturing routing, item, and inventory creation in ERP applications.
June 19

Infor Visual Manufacturing

CADTALK integration for Infor Visual Manufacturing is released.
June 19

BOM Import Utility

CADTALK BOM Import Utility available to automate the creation of item, inventory, routing, and bill of material data from CAD models when switching to new ERP platforms.
June 19


CADTALK integration for Acumatica released.
June 19

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

CADTALK Design for Manufacturing (DFM) introduced to help engineers prepare CAD models using data from the ERP system while working inside CAD.
June 19

White Label

CADTALK becomes a white label (OEM) module available directly from SYSPRO.
June 19


CADTALK integration for SYSPRO released.
June 19


Early versions of CADTALK Nesting introduced to connect nesting applications with ERP for optimized material management based on bills of material, routings, and other data inside the ERP application.
June 19

Infor CloudSuite Industrial

First version of CADTALK is created for Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). The product would be sold to the first customer Freeman Company that same year.
June 19


Scott Brickler conceptualizes CADTALK while working as a manufacturing engineer having to manage updates to ERP routings and bills of material for thousands of new part designs and engineering revisions at packaging equipment manufacturer R.A. Jones.