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Go from engineering to manufacturing 5x faster!

Here’s the problem!  

You are a manufacturing company, and you do lots of engineering work.  You create new and update existing items, bills of material (BOMs), and routings.    You are doing this work today manually or, at best, you have a multi-step workflow that requires a spreadsheet, macros, and an import or copy and paste routine. Or worse, you tried another integration that didn't live up to the hype!

 That process costs you up to $100,000 per year in data entry, BOM errors, rework expenses, and demoralizing your staff who would rather spend time designing and manufacturing than entering data.    When a $1.00 Bill of Material mistake can cost up to 100X more if it gets to the customer and when engineering services are billed at $130 per hour, it does not take long to see that the current process won’t work anymore.

It’s time to get your engineering and manufacturing talking.... with CADTALK ERP!


CADTALK ERP is a completely off-the-shelf, intelligent, bi-directional integration between your CAD, PDM, or PLM and MYOB Advanced.  CADTALK ERP reads data from any CAD, PDM, or PLM application transforming the engineering bill of materials (eBOM) into manufacturing bills of material (MBOM). 

 As an always current, certified MYOB Advanced marketplace ISV, CADTALK ERP creates new and updates existing stock items, bills of material, and routings in MYOB Advanced while identifying and tracking the changes between CAD and MYOB Advanced stock items, bills of material and routings.  

CADTALK ERP is so much more than an import and mapping utility.  The CADTALK framework offers standardized, in-depth integrations coupled with expression-based, low-code, configurable intelligence that gives you the power to integrate your systems in hours and days rather than months and years.   CADTALK ERP focuses on the entire engineering to manufacturing hand-off by supporting every aspect of the bill of material from items, BOMs, and routings, to labor calculations, scrap percentages, vendors, manufacturers and more. 

Bundled with CADTALK DFM, you will eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and get more value out of your MYOB Advanced with accurate and consistent data transformation. 


  • Get to the Market 5x faster   
  • Always current with CAD/PDM/PLM and MYOB Advanced new version releases
  • Reduce lead time by as much as 80%
  • Minimize BOM mistakes that waste money and cripple productivity 
  • Spend more time on value added work
  • Eliminate manual and duplicate data entry
  • Eliminates manual data entry, and saves hundreds of hours per year
CADTALK Saves over 70K per year


  • Industry leading configurable intelligence engine to automate tedious work
  • Color coded change tracking
  • Advanced expression based bi-directional field level mappings
  • Choice of CAD hosted or standalone hosted application.
  • Drag and drop BOM capabilities for easy BOM restructuring
  • Powerful and Intuitive BOM and routing editor
  • Custom Field Support
  • Intelligence based routing
  • Automatically include/exclude CAD components
  • ERP Validation: Ensure data integrity and accuracy


Acumatica BOM
Acumatica Mix of Icons Markup
Acumatica Rules
Acumatica Validation Error
Acumatica BOM Acumatica Mix of Icons Markup Acumatica Rules Acumatica Validation Error


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

For more information about CADTALK, or if you need support, please visit the support center.

Does CADTALK ERP support MYOB Advanced Revisions?
Yes, CADTALK compares revisions in CAD/PDM/PLM with MYOB Advanced revisions and merges the necessary changes.
What fields does CADTALK ERP support in MYOB Advanced?
CADTALK supports every field on the MYOB Advanced stock items and bill of material screens including attributes.
Can CADTALK ERP add parts to the BOM that are not in the CAD/PDM/PLM system?
Yes, users can use the CADTALK interface to search MYOB Advanced and add non-CADparts to the bill of material.
Does CADTALK require a CAD license?
No, CADTALK can read most CAD files without a CAD license.
Who uses CADTALK?
Anyone who manages items and bills of material in MYOB Advanced can use CADTALK ERP


CADTALK supports major Engineering systems and more

Autodesk Inventor
Solid Edge
E Plan


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