SYSPRO is one of the most popular ERP products globally with a significant presence in almost every corner of the globe. Adaptable to many wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries, SYSPRO is a very strong product for complex discrete manufacturers engaged in metal fabrication, industrial equipment and machinery, automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics and high tech products, rubber and plastics, and other industries where it is common to have lots of bills of materials, complex multi-level bills of material, and dozens if not hundreds of components which are revised often to keep up with customer demands and ever-changing vendor part updates.

CADTALK ERP transforms the engineering bill of material from virtually any CAD, PDM, or PLM application into manufacturing structures and routings as well as bills of material inside SYSPRO in a matter of minutes saving you time and reducing data entry errors. It can even create or update stock codes and inventory records saving you even more time and effort, so you can focus on what you do best – designing great products.

CADTALK is unlike any other software on the market with powerful and flexible rules to transform the engineering bill of materials into a fully-functional routing and bill of materials inside your SYSPRO system. This isn’t just a data sync but rules to setup the manufacturing structures and routing and bill of materials exactly the way you need it for costing, scheduling, and production.

New functionality allows CADTALK to update data between the CAD, PDM, or PLM application and SYSPRO Estimates making it a great addition to streamline all areas of your business. Further, CADTALK DFM allows manufacturing engineers to view SYSPRO data directly from specific CAD systems so they can  build better products with information that was previously isolated inside the ERP database.



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