Arena PLM

Anyone working in the manufacturing field is dosed with acronyms on a daily basis. From enterprise resource planning (ERP) to computer-aided design (CAD), the technical jargon can add up. Today, we’ll be helping educate the general public with product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. For anyone looking for SYSPRO ERP interpretation and integration, CADTALK can help! Our innovative software helps to reduce data and increase productivity. With the right tools, your business can see a huge increase in efficiency. Dynamic product lifestyle management can help in all aspects of production!

What Is PLM?

PLM is the process of managing production in its entirety. From beginning to end, all stages and elements involved in the process of manufacturing falls under the umbrella of product lifecycle management. The main aspects of production include:

  • Initiation: The process of creating and planning for a new product.
  • Design: Development and analyzation of new item.
  • Production/Manufacturing: Making, packing, and delivering the new product.
  • Ongoing service: All logistical parts of continuing use of the product.
  • Product disposal: How to remove the product once it is no longer useful or needed.

All of these processes combine to create an accurate stock of what all is needed for production and how it can be continually replenished. Failing to account for any of these processes can result in major headaches later in production.

Why Use It?

Today’s modern product designs are often too complex to be able to do alone. Today’s standard produces a plethora of engineering issues that must be overcome in order to succeed in our highly competitive market. PLM can be seen as the crossroads between engineering and execution. Utilizing a proper PLM implementation plan can also help to benefit your business in numerous ways. From shorter production times to reducing the waste of fabrication, many companies can profit from top-quality product management. In the end, saving money through efficiency is one of the top goals of any business.

Where Did It Come From?

Originally, product lifecycle management emerged from the automotive industry. During the 1970s, the need for a way to manage CAD data was at a high point. Experts realized that the introduction of computers in design would lead to an influx of production and market saturation. It was actually American Motors (AMC) that started the process of modern design in our country. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the result of a productive CAD development by automobile engineers. AMC combined all of its production data into one central system, reducing the inefficiency and redundancy involved in manufacturing. Soon after, AMC was acquired by Chrysler due to its production efficiency. Chrysler then went on to be the lowest cost developer in the industry thanks to its efficient PLM integration!

Product design and production can certainly be a complicated process. With so many moving parts at work, managing every aspect is nearly impossible. Having the right PLM tools and software can make or break your production line. If you’re looking for a comprehensive SYSPRO ERP program, CADTALK is the right choice! Along with efficient SYSPRO integration, our PLM implementation tools can equate to error-free service with 80% less effort.. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo!