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The Disadvantages of Manual Data Entry

If you have a business that relies on manually entering information, and possibly having to re-enter it, then you may be hesitant to changing your system. Manual data entry can be bad for your business, and finding solutions that eliminate the human error component can really save you time and streamline your processes. If you have been struggling with errors from data entry and reentry, read on to see why manually entering data may not be good for your business.


Humans can only move so fast, and even the fastest typist has their limit of words per minute. Manually entering data can be a slow and tedious process that can drag out for hours or longer. If you have systems that need the data to be reentered at some point, this process can be even longer. If you are wanting to speed up your processes, you need to eliminate manual data entry where possible. Of course, there are often steps of your business that need the human touch, and manual data entry may be necessary at some point. If you can eliminate how often you need to rely on human data entry you can really speed up your processes.


Paying someone for data entry can be costly to any company. Factor in paying someone to re-enter the exact same data, and you can see how expensive manual data entry can be for a company. Now consider the mistakes that are inevitably made due to human error, and you have even more costs due to incorrect information. Imagine the impact an extra zero could have on your business, or a part being labeled incorrectly. Save money by finding a system that can automate your data entry.


As stated above, human error can, and will, lead to mistakes some of the time. Data entry is a slow, repetitive process that can easily make any employee unfocused and bored. This lack of engagement could lead to errors, and these errors could take a lot of time and money to correct. Amounts entered incorrectly, typos, or incorrect placement of data could all snowball into larger problems. If you automate your data entry you avoid having mistakes made in the entry or reentry of information. If your employees are freed from data entry they can put their time and talents to use in other, more constructive, ways.

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