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Put The Fears of Your Designers to Rest

In our last blog post, we covered some of the impactful benefits that businesses have seen when they utilize cloud-based storage. While it’s pretty difficult to deny that these are impactful changes that this one form of storage can make, there are designers that are hesitant to make the switch to cloud-based storage. And we can’t deny that the switch is something that is intimidating at first, especially if this form of technology hasn’t always been the source used to save work. We can’t deny that this mentality is entirely validated and deserves to be looked at in a more thorough way so that these fears can be put to rest for once and for all.

Thorough Checks on All Employees

Not being the only one with access to the designs is something that a majority of designers stress about, and how can we blame them? These types of creations are something that needs to be taken seriously and ought to have specific levels of security to access. We feel that way too. That is why all employees that work with cloud-based information receive background checks before they are ever hired on. This means that none of the employees will take advantage of the access that they have to this case sensitive data.

A New Level of Technological Advances

The cloud is one of the most advanced movements that have been made in the technological world. This platform has been built on a form of technology that is entirely reliable and sound. In doing so, the chances of this information being hacked, broken into or crashing is nearly impossible. This is something that standard technological advances aren’t able to provide us. How many times has a computer crashed and lost all of the work that you’ve just completed or shut down before you’d had the chance to save? This is a problem of the past when you’re working with cloud based storage.


Security That Can’t Be Beat

One of the reasons that so many people do switch over to cloud based storage is the unbeatable form of security that is guaranteed on this platform. The firearms and defense systems that are implemented on the cloud platform make it so that the chances of any attacks or threats are minimized almost instantly. This allows for your information to be accessible on a continuous basis without ever having to worry about the hackers that could access it on your own device. It is entirely because of the host-based firewalls that protect all forms of computer platforms from being attacked from outside parties.

The truth behind it all is that this form of storage is one of the best options that designers have access to. If you are looking for a storage technique that can provide you full security, full access and enhance the ease at which you are doing your work, then cloud-based services are the best option you have. On top of that, they work incredibly well with both CAD software and ERP software, so you can guarantee that the work you’re doing will be completed efficiently and securely.

If you are interested in how cloud storage can work hand in hand with your CAD software and ERP implementation and improve the lives of your designers, then you need to work with our team of professionals and allow for us to provide you with a demonstration on how these different features work together. Reach out to us today and we would be more than happy to schedule a demo for you so that you can start working with us and possess all of the tools that you need to achieve success with your business.