How can you design quality parts in CAD when half the information you need is isolated inside your ERP system? Do you find yourself continually logging in to the ERP application to get information or do you have to wait until someone with access to the ERP system gets you the information you need?

CADTALK Design for Manufacturing (DFM) provides access to every single piece of ERP data you need to design quality parts without leaving the comforts of your familiar CAD application.

View item attributes, vendors, warehouse locations, on-hand quantities, costing and accounting information, bills of material, work centers and machines, and much more.

Avoid Costly Design Mistakes with DFM

Have you ever designed a new part and accidentally used an obsolete component in the bill of material? Or perhaps you chose the wrong component because the item id was similar to another item and you couldn’t differentiate one from the other without additional information stored in the ERP application.

It happens all the time. Engineers are isolated from the information they need to design parts that are easily transferred into the ERP system for manufacturing. CADTALK DFM not only provides the information you need, but it also automates the entire engineering to manufacturing hand-off by leveraging artificial intelligence and configurable rules to create or update items, inventory records, bills of material, manufacturing routings, and other ERP data in minutes – all based on the CAD models you design.

Further, it can select vendors, pick the appropriate machines or work centers for cost rates, and calculate scrap and manufacturing run times ensuring that the parts are defined correctly for accurate costing, material planning, and production scheduling.


  • Access ERP Data inside CAD
  • Eliminate dependence on costly ERP user licenses for engineers
  • Eliminate design errors
  • Avoid using obsolete or incorrect parts
  • Understand manufacturing costs
  • Automate creation or updates of items, bills of materials, and routings in your ERP system
  • Reduce the engineering to manufacturing hand off by 80%