Many manufacturers working with sheet metal, plastic substrates, wood, and other flat materials rely heavily on their nesting software to optimize part layouts for cutting to reduce scrap and improve manufacturing efficiencies to get the most finished goods out of each sheet as possible.

There are many great nesting applications available on the market and most offer some (albeit limited) functionality to connect the nesting software to the manufacturer’s ERP system. Other nesting applications rely on custom, one-off integrations which can be costly, time-consuming to develop, and a pain to maintain as new versions of the nesting and ERP applications are released.

CADTALK NEST provides a standardized integration platform connecting to most popular nesting applications with the back-end ERP system data ensuring that data flows smoothly between the two applications. Contact us to schedule an in-depth analysis of your nesting process to discover if CADTALK NEST is the right solution for your manufacturing processes.