There are literally dozens upon dozens of CAD and PLM applications on the market today – each with their own strengths and weaknesses and industry specialization. And chances are that CADTALK ERP works with the ones you depend on every day to transform the engineering bill of materials (eBOM) into manufacturing bills of material (mBOM), routings, and items in your ERP system.

Below are just a few of the most popular CAD and PLM applications that we support today. These integrations are maintained for each new version and we have most of these applications available in-house for development, testing, and support. Don’t see your CAD or PLM system listed? No worries, contact us today to find out if your application is available or if it’s in our aggressive development plans.

CADTALK DFM (Design for Manufacturing) provides engineers with access to ERP data while working inside the CAD application so they have everything they need to make decisions on parts and designs to ensure they can be manufactured with confidence in the ERP system.

“Our design processes didn’t have to change. CADTALK added additional fields and properties to Inventory files to generate the BOM which wasn’t difficult for their team. Their ongoing technical support has been excellent.”  

-Fibreglass Transport Equipment

ERP for Autodesk Inventor
ERP for Solidworks