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How CADTALK Can Support a Faster, More Accurate Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials (BOM) sounds like a dry topic. But the reality is that BOM gears your company up for success when getting the most of your ERP system. A BOM lists parts, components, assemblies, sub-assemblies, pieces, raw materials and the quantities of each. It needs to be accurate for a smooth manufacturing process. That’s where your ERP comes in to help you manage the BOMs for multiple products and product lines. Without a complete and accurate BOM, decisions are made in a vacuum, and that can result in excess inventory, stockouts, expedited shipping charges or downtime. But getting your BOM into your ERP can be a cumbersome and obnoxious process – or it can be easy. Why not do it the easy way?

Getting Your ERP to Speak BOM

CADTALK offers the easiest and quickest way to transfer CAD data directly into your ERP. In just minutes, you can enter your new design and BOM data accurately with no tedious manual entry and no stress.

CADTALK directly reads native CAD file formats, allowing you to import original design files even easier. The software also supports xml, csv, fixed width and delimited files. The software integrates with the top ERPs, including SYSPRO, Syteline and Acumatica.

CADTALK supports N-level BOM to manage the entire assembly. It also makes it easy to make manual changes to the BOM after you’ve imported the data through an intuitive DOM editor. You can:

  • Add operations
  • Add existing or new structures of the BOM
  • Drag and drop between levels of the BOM
  • Bulk update fields on multiple items
  • Review field-level changes

CADTALK is currently processing more than 100,000 BOMs per year for customers, and that number is growing every year. CADTALK users report that they have reduced their engineering to production lead time by 80%.

The simple truth is that ERPs aren’t effective without accurate BOMs. Scheduling, costing, quality and material requirement planning (MRP) all rely on an accurate BOM to function. So if you want to get the most value from your ERP, the first place to invest is in BOM accuracy. Even a small improvement in BOM accuracy can yield exponential improvement in your ERP value.

BOM is such an essential part of your quality and control systems. Effectively managing it through your ERP system will improve your:

  • Inventory flow
  • Material planning
  • Competitive advantage

See how CADTALK can help your BOM and make your processes faster, easier, and more accurate!