CADTALK DA (Design Automation) works with configure price quote (CPQ) product configurators to generate CAD models based on the options and values selected during the configuration process.

There are dozens of great CPQ applications on the market today and many ERP vendors offer their own Product Configurator modules in the core ERP application. Either way, CADTALK DA can integrate to them – whether on-premise, in the cloud, or even embedded in B2C or B2B ecommerce sites.

CADTALK DA uses the options and values selected during the unique product configuration to generate the CAD model and engineering bill of materials (eBOM). CADTALK then transforms the eBOM into manufacturing bills of material (mBOM), routings, and items in the ERP system closing the loop on the configuration to manufacturing process ensuring that you have all the designs and data required for each phase in the enginering to manufacturing process.