Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) businesses increasingly rely on Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to manage many aspects of their building and structural projects. Floor plans and structural designs are developed inside the BIM CAD software which manages the required materials, quantities, and changes to the designs over time. BIM can be used for both initial construction and design projects as well as management and optimization of existing facilities and structures.

It doesn’t matter if you’re engaged in architecture, civil engineering, construction, manufacturing, or mechanical electrical or plumbing (MEP) – BIM software can be a tremendous benefit to your design and construction projects. But how do you get all that data into your construction accounting or AEC ERP business application where you need to take into account the material requirements, purchase orders, bids, quotes, milestone billing, sales orders, and all of the back-end accounting?

CADTALK BIM leverages artificial intelligence to transform BIM data from the entire BIM database or queried subsets of data to update data such as bills of quantities (BOQ), material lists items, inventory stocking records, take-off lists, projects and project deliverables, and other data inside your construction accounting or AEC ERP software connecting all the data so you can accurately manage all phases of the project from planning and design through to construction and operation or just the schedules you are directly involved in for the project.

CADTALK BIM ensures that all revisions and changes to the design projects are updated to your construction accounting or ERP system. Further, CADTALK BIM is an essential application for property managers to keep up with changes to their facilities. CADTALK BIM can help you coordinate updates between BIM and your accounting or ERP system for additions, renovations, upgrades to electrical, plumbing, or structural changes, and more.

CADTALK BIM can also update existing projects, project deliverables, jobs, estimates, and bids inside your construction accounting, AEC ERP, or third party job applications ensuring that data flows seamlessly across all connected applications so everyone is aware of the current schedules, materials, quantities, and costs accordingly.

Data flows bidirectionally throughout the design process with updates occurring in your BIM application and changes being made inside your construction accounting or AEC ERP application. CADTALK BIM works bidirectionally ensuring that both sides are updated. For example, use generic items in BIM for design and update BIM later on when the actual items are purchased and added to the project inside your construction accounting or AEC ERP application. It can even work with highly specialized ERP systems for plumbing and piping, electrical, HVAC, rebar, and other construction-related business applications or third party estimating, job management, or project systems.

CADTALK BIM integration works with popular BIM-enabled CAD applications including Tekla Structures, Autodesk RevIt, Autodesk AutoCAD Architectural, and more.


  • Works with all BIM data or any queried subset of data depending on your needs and participation in the project or project deliverable.
  • Bi-directional integration between BIM and construction accounting or AEC ERP ensures data flows seamlessly between systems.
  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ) integration from BIM CAD to AEC ERP
  • Eliminate manual data entry and data entry errors
  • Create and update BOQ, Items, Inventory, Bids, Quotes, and Estimates in Construction Accounting or AEC ERP systems.
  • Improved purchasing, job costing, resource scheduling, and milestone billing.
  • Improve design to construction hand-off by 80%