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Are Your Highest Paid Employees Stuck Doing Menial Tasks?

You wouldn’t wear a tuxedo to mow the lawn.

Then why are you bogging down your engineers with the drudgery of entering data into your ERP system?

“Engineers should be figuring out how to design high-dollar equipment or high-margin products,” says CADTALK’s Scott Brickler. “Instead, they’re spending time coming up with a list of the parts that need to be ordered and entering all the data the ERP system needs to start production on the last piece they worked on.”

CADTALK quickly and easily transfers engineering CAD data directly into SyteLine and streamlines your engineering release process by 80 percent. CADTALK’s automation conveniently opens access to your ERP to anyone in your organization and lets engineers get back to what they’re actually paid to do – designing product innovations.

“Lead-time reduction is important. The whole time you’re waiting on an engineer to complete this process, you’re not ordering the components or making the product. The more you can automate that process, the faster you can deliver designs to the shop floor and the greater your competitive edge,” Brickler says.

CADTALK improves the overall accuracy of your bill of materials (BOM). Material integrity is critical to ERP systems. If a value is entered incorrectly, everything else will be wrong. It’s a tedious process, and everything must be right. So, before you end up with a massive supply of the wrong component on your loading dock, further delaying production, you can provide your team with a technology solution that actually works for them.

With CADTALK, Engineers don’t have to worry about inadvertently entering the wrong data into the ERP. CADTALK integrates with your company’s CAD tools and SyteLine to increase data integrity and BOM accuracy.

“A simple mistake can cost you months of lead time, depending on your product,” Brickler says. “If you can make that process easier and increase the accuracy, you multiply the benefits of everything else in SyteLine.”

Contact us to learn more about the other features of CADTALK, such as ongoing support for future CAD and SyteLine version releases.