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Addressing Your Employees’ Resistance to Implementing ERP

Anticipating your employee’s reactions and fears to a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can help you fend off any potential resistance in the future. Recognizing that ignorance and unfamiliarity with ERP can limit the amount of interest in the process, and ultimately will not help it succeed, is good to know at the outset. If you can address the following common problems in implementing any new system, you will be ahead of any resistance you may encounter. While we find the Syspro ERP system easy to implement, make sure you are aware of concerns that may arise from your employees.

Not Enough Training Time

Any new process can be intimidating, and ERP will be new to many of your employees. Before the system is completely in place, spending adequate time training your employees and familiarizing them with ERP will save you time later. If your employees feel they understand ERP, they will be more likely to engage and troubleshoot. Some employees will be resistant to processes that they think create more work; training will give them the tools and confidence to move forward in the new system. Along with training in ERP specifically, some employees may not be very familiar with technology or computers in general. You may need to take extra time to go over basics of computers before they are comfortable learning about ERP. Make sure you hear employee concerns, and tailor your training accordingly.

Fear of Job Loss or Demotion

When employees hear words such as “automation” they might immediately fear that their job is at risk. Helping your employees understand the benefits of ERP will keep this fear in check. Reassuring your employees that ERP will not lead to immediate downsizing can help to address these fears early. Some jobs may need to change quite significantly to accommodate the implementation of ERP, but providing the right information at the right time can make this process less intimidating. If your employee’s job has dealt with processes that ERP will change or make obsolete, they may be afraid that their position in the company will lose its value. If they are being retained, you need to ensure that they understand the impact ERP will have on their job, and how they still are valuable to the company. Your employee that has been in charge of organizing data, or making spreadsheets, may feel they are no longer in control of an important part of the business. Reassure your employees that ERP is a positive change for everyone.

Fear of Change

Whether or not your employees are afraid of losing their jobs, many will just be resistant to change. Putting new processes in place disrupts the workflow, and causes a need for new habits to be formed. All of this can feel like extra work to the employee, and they may want to stay in their comfortable work routine. Explaining the changes thoroughly, and making sure the appropriate training is in place are good starts to anticipating this fear of change. However, some people resist all changes, and may never come to accept new methods of organization and efficiency. If you can stress the benefits of the new system, and how it will actually streamline your business and take away some of the tedious tasks, your employees may be more receptive.While there can be many hindrances to implementing any new practices into your business, anticipating and planning for them can make the outcome more favorable. If you are considering Syspro ERP, you have the tools necessary for a smooth transition in your business. Hopefully, your employees will be able to see the tremendous benefits of the Syspro system, and these will outweigh any fears they may have.

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