We view our partners as more than just businesses who align with us to serve our customers. We are cautious to choose partners that we trust imminently as these business relationship run much deeper than paper and money. Our partnerships are built on trust ad close personal relationships with the people behind the company logos. It's the people that make the difference in business - their expertise, their value, and most importantly - their integrity. Below are the trusted relationships we've built with industry leaders to better serve our customers. Interested in becoming a CADTALK partner? Get to know us and let’s setup time to talk so we can see if there’s a good fit between your organization, your people, your culture, and how that helps us better serve our customers.


Microsoft technologies are embedded and utilized throughout CADTALK. The application is developed in Microsoft.NET leveraging additional modern-day technologies. The application is extremely light with no physical database.


CADTALK integrates to most popular ERP business applications on the market today and we are continually adding new ERP integrations every year. We choose our ERP publisher partnerships carefully selecting businesses aligned to the specialized needs of manufacturers – especially those with engineering needs. Our strategic ERP partnerships currently include those listed below.


Our manufacturing customers are engaged in almost every discrete manufacturing industry from industrial equipment to metal fabrication, plastics and rubber to automotive, furniture to electronics, and many other manufacturing segments. Some are engineer to order while others are make to stock, configure to order, or custom make to order or job shops. Every one of our customers has unique needs and chooses the CAD, PDM, and PLM applications that best meet their unique needs. As such, we partner with all major providers of engineering software ensuring that our mutual customers are able to harness the power of CADTALK to transform their engineering processes. Below are the major software partnerships we are dedicated to maintaining to serve our customer needs. Do you use a CAD, PDM, or PLM product not listed below? No worries, we can add new integrations easily – just ask and we’ll let you know when we it will be available.


We respect the relationship that ERP resellers have with their customers. They know what products they own, how they use them, and how they’ve been tailored to meet their needs. They own the relationship with the manufacturer and advise them on new technologies to improve their businesses. We work through many ERP partners who assist their companies in evaluating new technologies like CADTALK. Our partnership with ERP resellers ranges from referrals where partners promote CADTALK and receive a referral fee to strategic relationships where dedicated resellers learn about CADTALK and promote it heavily to their customers. Reseller margins vary by level of commitment. Contact us today to learn more about our ERP reseller programs. Need a CADTALK partner? Browse our ERP Reseller Directory to find a reseller for the ERP product you use.