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6 Advantages to Integrating Your CAD and ERP Systems

CADTALK was designed to fill the gap that exists between CAD systems and ERP. Both CAD and ERP have helped businesses tremendously to streamline their processes, and automate their data, but if your CAD and ERP can’t talk to each other, you are missing out. The reason you use CAD and ERP systems is to be more efficient, but when those systems don’t communicate, your business can’t reach its full potential. Read on to see how CAD and ERP integration can help your business.

1. Increase Production Speed

Because CADTALK offers a live connection between your CAD and ERP systems, products and parts can be updated in real time without waiting for a manual data re-entry. This means your release dates come quicker, and you shorten the time to move to production. Increased production speed means your customers can purchase your products more quickly.

2. Increase Part Re-use

CADTALK can help increase part re-use and reduce the need for new components to be made. Because our system seamlessly integrates your CAD and ERP, you are alerted to which products you have in stock, and what products you may need. Knowing part availability in the design stage can be incredibly helpful, and eliminate the need for costly redesign later.

3. Reduce Errors

Because CADTALK integrates your ERP and CAD systems, there are fewer errors in the BOM. This single system eliminates the need to manually reenter data, which can oftentimes lead to mistakes that can be costly. Your information is more accurate, and the single system streamlines how parts are inventoried and displayed. CADTALK can alert you to discrepancies between your systems so you can fix them before they become larger issues. Let CADTALK help you make your data more reliable.

4. Save Money

When you reduce your errors and mistakes, you save money. Don’t take the chance that expensive mistakes are made when manually entering or reentering your data. CADTALK can save you money with less waste, more accuracy and more efficiency! You can also build more complex products without adding a lot of cost—CADTALK makes it easy!

5. Save Time

You want to attract the best and brightest engineers to your business who can use their talents in design, not data entry. Give your employees the tools they need to get the job done well, and don’t bog them down with menial tasks. Let your engineers focus on design with CADTALK! The time saved goes toward increased efficiency, production, and cost savings.

6. Simplify

CADTALK is easy to use, and our ongoing support ensures that you are always able to get the help you need. Once CADTALK is installed, the seamless integration allows employees to get a quick picture of entire processes, from CAD to BOM to production. Simplifying your processes results in savings in both time and money, and allows your employees an easy way to get the job done right.

If you are using CAD and ERP systems (including SyteLine, SYSPRO and Acumatica ), and wondering how you can increase efficiency, CADTALK is the answer! Save time, money, and get your items to production earlier with our integration solution. Schedule a demo today to see how CADTALK can help you!