Arena PLM

Perfect Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is a prerequisite for almost every manufacturing company who wish to excel in this competitive world. Companies hire and fire employees because they fail to properly manager their tasks. BUT, we have a solution that can help you to integrate, maintain and update your design, bill of material, product configuration, and manufacturing routings.

Everyone wishes to carry their previous designs, bill of materials, product configuration and manufacturing routing when they shift from one system to another. Companies fear that they might lost important information when they transfer their files from one system to another system. However, those old days are gone now because CADTALK comes to your rescue.

Here are some exciting ways through which CADTALK is helping us and making our life extremely simple.

1. Transforming Bill of Material(BOM)

The Bill of Material (BOM)tells us about the parts, components, tools and their frequency in a product. A bill of material usually consists of all the units of measure that are used in the product. Each industry whether it is performing discrete manufacturing, batch manufacturing or continuous manufacturing use bill of material in their industry. Companies define the bill of material inside CAD applications but then have to manually enter the data into their ERP system manually because there are so few applications on the market to transform the bill of material data into the ERP system automatically. The bill of material has intricate details and a single data entry error can cost the company a lot time and money or even a lost customer relationship.

Moreover, most of the companies use the bill of material manually and it’s difficult for them to convert their bill of material automatically. Another common problem facing engineers is related to the change from a current ERP system to a new ERP application. Even if they had semi-automated the bill of material process in their prior system –this process will be broken or will need to be redesigned or rewritten from scratch as it is unlikely that the process will support the new ERP platform forcing the engineers back to manual data entry. CADTALK solves all of the above-mentioned problems. CADTALK gives the ability to update, verify, convert and support your bill of material converting the engineering bill of material automatically (or semi-automatically) into the manufacturing bill of material inside virtually any ERP business application.

2.Manufacturing Routing

Usually, there are many processes involved in manufacturing a product. Steps are always important in manufacturing process such as bending drilling assembling, molding, cutting, etc. The bill of material alone only tells part of the story on how the finished good is actually manufactured and most systems cannot automate the creation of a manufacturing routing from a CAD model. CADTALK helps companies define the manufacturing process using artificial intelligence to define the manufacturing routing during the bill of material transformation process so you have both the manufacturing bill of material as well as the manufacturing routing to clearly define how to manufacture the part. This process can be fully automated eliminating mundane data entry that is prone to human error.

3. Easy Communication

Companies always try to improve communication across production, quality, engineering, supply chain, and information technology departments. They realize the importance of effective communication and how communication silos affect each area of the business. If companies fail to maintain effective and clear communication, then their employees are confused, make incorrect assumptions, and waste time trying to decipher information shared by others in the organization.

Employee productivity is compromised when they are not able to communicate with the other departments effectively. Sometimes more units or products have been manufactured or manufactured to the wrong revision level costing thousands or potentially millions of dollars in waste due to lack of communication. BUT, here at CADTALK, we have an amazing system! CADTALK gives us access to share data among employees at a faster speed. Everything in the CADTALK is computerized and it allows other departments to take advantage of this computerized system if someone from another department updates it. CADTALK provides the means for companies to share data effectively and concisely from engineering to manufacturing and vice-versa. Employees are confident because they know the data is accurate and timely.

4. Perfect Design Automation

Automation is happening at the heart of technology. With every passing day,we can see companies automating more and more processes. Industry 4.o is more about automation than anything else. Whether it is robotics, RFID, or artificial intelligence –manufacturing is becoming more and more of an automated process every day. Design automation is the capability of getting designs through automation. Design automation starts by configuring items based on options and values using a product configurator or configure price quote (CPQ) application. Your customer may want the item to be a specific length and width and a selected color with various other options defined during the quote or order configuration. CADTALK pulls the configuration and generates an accurate CAD model or design with an engineering bill of materials specific to that configuration. CADTALK further adds in the manufacturing routing information and converts and transforms all of this into the manufacturing information required
for your ERP application.